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    About Us
    About Us
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      The company is located at Wuxi which is one of the center cities in the Eastern China region. We specially engaged in metal cutting machining for all kinds of precision mechanical parts, mould, clamps, nonstandard metal pieces, etc.
      The company has advanced high precision and normal production equipments such as machining center, numerically controlled lathe, numerically controlled milling machine, etc. The company has passedtTS16949 ISO9001: the certification of Quality Guarantee System 2000 Version. We can provide high quality, reasonable price and flexible machine process service for customers in relative machine field.



    Wuxi Huiling machinery official website officially launched

    Enterprise spirit: serving the society and contributing to the better
    Company philosophy: market oriented, quality for survival, service for development, integrity management

    Innovation principle

    1. Innovation driven, you and I go first
    2. Huiling relies on technological progress to create the future
    3. Independent innovation strategy to build innovative enterprises
    After sales service concept: customer-oriented, excellent service

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